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Archwiz Script for installing Arch Linux

I created a new Bash Script Project called Archwiz, located on  github flesh/archwiz ,
its still in Beta for a few reasons, I never figured out how to get computer translations working in the script so I can Localize it, and I never figured out all the details to get an AUR custom repo working and lastly I didn't get the Asynchronous downloads to work right, so there are all disabled in this script.

This script was a fork of another script found here Archlinux Ultimate Install Script.

The Script itself has several files, the is a library, that allow programmers to use this library as an API for writing scripts, so its usefully to anyone that wants an API to write Bash Scripts, but the script itself scripts a script that is saved as configuration files, then executes the script inside itself, so you can look at all the configuration files before running it.

The script was written for use by anyone, but mostly targets programmers like myself who need to setup a machine to use as a work station and want it set up a certain way every time, although this script is far from finished, I have a lot of tweaking to do to it before it would be completely there, but as it is, I can get up and running on a machine with little effort, so this make it ideal for a Linux Administrator who has to install thousands of OS's and have them configured all the same way, but works great for someone just wanting to install Arch Linux.

The Project is Self Documenting and Self Localizing, although currently only English works, but the po files are there, so it would be easy enough if you wanted to localize it; but the computer translation function I started would be the correct way to do this.

The scripts makes use of a custom repo, so remove it when finished, the script should do this for you, but just to let you know, it downloads the core to the flash drive, this way it can install very fast, once you install it one, it has all the files on it to install on another computer without an Internet connection, well at least that was my thinking, I never did get the AUR custom repo to work, but the idea is to have all the files on the flash so you do not need to use up bandwidth installing Arch Linux on a new machine, just install it, then run pacman updates.

The Idea of a Wizard is to make the life of those installing an OS, much easier, they have the Option to do a Custom install, or a Wizard install, even an Automatic install to pre-configure machines.

The script determines if you have UEFI Bios or not, and formats and configures the Hard Drive correctly, and gives you full control over the partitioning of the drive, within the bounds of the tools used, so its very flexible, it uses systemd, so boot time on my machine is 10 seconds flat, and that's because I mount a lot of network drives and map them at boot time, I got 2 seconds boot time with mounting, so the packages are not perfect, but they do work.

I only tested GDM, since I installed every Desktop Manager and configuration for my needs, this was the only one I got to work for all of them, but I normally use KDE or Mate, but I ran into issues with Mate and went back to KDE, so I could get back to work.

This script was designed to Format the Drive you install it to, so do not use this on a Partitioned Drive,  it will format the hard drive, so you are warned once more during the install, but this could be fixed, I had to abandon the project to finish another, so the script is as it is, but could give someone a great start if they want to folk it and finish it, so fork me.

See the help.html for details.

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Re: Archwiz Script for installing Arch Linux

Moving to Community Contributions...

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