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Re: Arch Installation on SSD + GPT + systemd [SOLVED]

A little help here,
according to what i've read so far I'm about to set my partitions on a 60GBssd and 1TBhdd system, using gparted from an ubuntu liveCD, like that:

On a gpt partition table

60GBssd, sda:

[ sda1 | sda2 ]
sda1: 1MB, unallocated filesystem with flag-bios_grub
sda2: rest of ssd, ext4 filesystem for /

1TBhdd, sdb:

[ sdb1 | sdb2 | sdb3 | sdb4 ]
sdb1: 1MB, unallocated filesystem no flag for gpt
sdb2: 15GB, ext4 for /var
sdb3: ext4 for /home
sdb4: 1GB swap

Question 1: is sdb1 needed?
Question 2: according to do I have to leave 1MB partitions at the end of both drives for gpt backup table and header?

I believe I've misread the wiki's..
Making this clear will be helpfull for those who feel comfortable doing this job with gparted GUI


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Re: Arch Installation on SSD + GPT + systemd [SOLVED]

Please don't necrobump threads, particularly those marked as solved: … Bumping.27


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