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#1 2013-03-02 09:23:39

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can't start xampp

I'v installed xampp via youart,but I can't start it

[edward@edward ~]$ sudo xampp start
Starting XAMPP for Linux 1.8.1...
XAMPP: Starting Apache with SSL (and PHP5)...
/opt/lampp/bin/apachectl: line 79: 16922  error               (吐核)$HTTPD "$@"
XAMPP: Error 139! Couldn't start Apache!
XAMPP: Starting diagnose...
XAMPP: Sorry, I've no idea what's going wrong.
XAMPP: Please contact our forum
XAMPP: XAMPP-MySQL is already running.
XAMPP: Starting ProFTPD...
XAMPP: edward.h proftpd[16949]: warning: unable to determine IP address of 'edward.h'
edward.h proftpd[16949]: error: no valid servers configured
edward.h proftpd[16949]: Fatal: error processing configuration file '/opt/lampp/etc/proftpd.conf'
XAMPP: Error 1! Couln't start ProFTPD!
XAMPP for Linux started.

thanks in advance!

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Re: can't start xampp

Moving to AUR issues.
Offhand, I would deal with

/opt/lampp/bin/apachectl: line 79: 16922  error               (吐核)$HTTPD "$@"
XAMPP: Error 139! Couldn't start Apache!

that first.

Then, ffind out why it is trying to do a DNS look up on a computer called 'edward.h'.  That does not seem to be a reasonable domain.

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