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Weekly Update breaks initrd boot

Hi there,

yesterday evening I did as usual my weekly arch update. This morning the booting just stopped in the initrd and dropped me into the usual shell. OH NO! Again some stupid lvm issue. (I use lvm for root and home) Starting to type on keyboard - nothing happens. WHAT THE HELL? Seems that the modules are not loaded properly. Fortunately I had some usb boot media... Examined all the initrd hooks and scripts. Where do they load the modules? I can't figure out, some blackmagic must happen there. Finally I solved this by adding 'dm-mod' and 'usbhid' to the MODULES array of mkinitcpio.conf. But this can't be the solution. So guys, what are you doing? Is this the way arch is taking in future? I'm with arch since more than five years now. BUT since the last year, maybe last two - I'm getting to old to remind - arch updating is getting worse and worse every time. Even when doing weekly updates, one out of three breaks the system boot and I have to figure out how to fix it. Some updates are even uglier if you are not carefull - Ever updated pacman in the beginning? (The question at the beginning of the update) Of course pacman does not depend on the versions compiled against. I end up two,three times with an unexecutable pacman because of missing libraries afterwards) Not to mention all that '/lib' issues.
So of course I really appreciate all your work and time you spend on arch and I like having up to date software but If things go on like this, I have to switch to something else. I just don't have the time to fight such issues all the time.



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Re: Weekly Update breaks initrd boot

Look at the output of uname -a and of pacman -Qi linux and ensure that the kernel you are running (uname) matches the modules that are installed.

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Re: Weekly Update breaks initrd boot

If you're managing to break Arch that often, then perhaps a change of distro would be ideal. Arch is a hands-on rolling release distro. Occasional breakage can occur, but can usually be avoided by reading the news, merging pacnew files, and using common sense.

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