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Re: Anyone get RTL8188CE driver working?

Use pacman to see the optional reps. It would probably serve you well to read through the man page for pacman and learn about all that it can do (BTW, this will also tell you how to list all the files included in a package which would have allowed you to confirm whether or not  net-auto-wireless is part of the netcfg package).


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Re: Anyone get RTL8188CE driver working?

Netcfg has no dependencies that I can find, and it seems to be its own package. I see no option to list the files included in a package, either. Am I just missing something here, or are there no dependencies for netcfg?


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Re: Anyone get RTL8188CE driver working?

Read the pacman manual page again.

netcfg has optional dependencies as well as mandatory dependencies.

pacman will tell you all, including which files are included in a package.

If you expect other people to spoon feed you the answers, you are in the wrong place. You have been told where to find the information. It is up to you whether you do so or not.

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