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Raid5 and LVM recovery with single hdd failure


I have 5 hard drives and an uefi motherboard, and my gpt partition table is something like this

1 - 100MB     Uefi partition  ef00 # needed for booting and stuff
2 - 100MB     Linux partion   8300 # /boot
3 - 2T        Linux partition 8300 # lvm with all other stuff

My raid5 array is on /dev/sd[abcde]3  and on that have LVM which is partitioned to /, /home, /swap.

Now one hard drive died (/dev/sdd) and I would just like to get my data from the remaining 4 drives, which should be doable with raid5.

booting doesn't work, and so i boot from a live uefi arch usb, and I can't find the LVM Volume array.

could you guys please help me out here, there's some stuff on those drives i would reall like to get back.

or if you know where else i could ask such a question so that others might help?

Thank you, Zidar

PS: I have created a simmilar setup in virtualbox so I can try varios things.

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Re: Raid5 and LVM recovery with single hdd failure

Can you please clarify what you mean by "booting doesn't work"? What sort of errors, etc...

Similarly, what does "can't find the LVM Volume array" mean? What errors do you get activating it?

As a general rule, posting problems without specific error messages is only going to solicit guesswork at best. Posting the errors up front saves everyone time and effort. … ow_to_Post

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