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[REQUEST] gimp-gap

I have been trying to install gimp-gap-git form AUR for 3 or 4 days, but it said that the package, didn't compile, so I have been waiting for a solution since then, and this morning, I have tried to install again, and I realized that the package have been removed from AUR too.

I thought that gimp-gap, is just a plugin for Gimp, so simply putting plugin files into the correct place, should work. I have downloaded Debian's gimp-gap.deb from Sid (amd64 in my case), and then, with AUR/deb2targz, I've converted that package to a tar.gz file, decompressed it, and put the files into the corresponding folders (matches the location into the tar.gz file).

It simply works.

I had previously installed the dependencies, so no problems at all.

I have posted this information in order to look for someone who knows how to create the package and will be able to maintain it, or for giving some information about that package. I'm a newbie with Arch, so I don't know how to do it (even reading the post about creating the PKGBUILD), and for now, I'm very busy with my studies.

I hope someone do the PKGBUILD, or at least, it helps to people who wants to use that amazing plugin.

Sorry for my bad english if I have made a big mistake.



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Re: [REQUEST] gimp-gap

AnSnarkista, first of all, let me be the first to say, "Welcome to the Arch community!"

Now, as mentioned in the PKGBUILD Request section readme, it is good practice (both for the sake of courtesy, and for your own sake in terms of learning) for you to at least attempt to write your own PKGBUILD before requesting one. This will help people also wanting to learn how to package things for Arch and also help others to help you on your journey to get it working.

Finally, be aware that it really is better for the AUR if the maintainer is someone who actually uses the package itself (another reason why it is better for you to try and get the package working yourself).

All the best,


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Re: [REQUEST] gimp-gap

Thanks for your welcome!

I have read that section before writing this post, and search in all those unnofficial repositories and googled about this package to understand why it had been removed from AUR, but when I read the documentation about build my own PKGBUILD, I thought it was very difficult for my skills with Arch, and I had to spent a lot of time understanding how it works and trying to make it, and for now, I can't do that for at least 2 or 3 weeks, and my idea was to write this information for people who might need it right now, not in a month.

If no one is interested in doing it, I'll do, I don't mind (and I think I'm going to enjoy learning how to do it smile ), but not now. So it's not a real "request".

Thanks for all!


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