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#1 2013-04-22 06:21:57

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MPlayer OSD glyphs missing.

Usually I use mplayer to watch videos. Works great. I usually like to have the OSD on with the time elapsed and total time going.

Today I updated mplayer and now the OSD is glitched out. Instead of the usual "play arrow" (the triangle... You know the one), there's the "character missing" rectangle. Likewise with the mplayer onscreen volume display (usually it's a row of tall solid rectangles and a row of short rectangles, now it's just a row of character missing boxes).

I have searched around and found nothing. Anybody else know what's going on? or how to fix this?

**Edit** forgot to mention that when I play it from the terminal, every second (when the OSD is updated) it gives this message:

[ass] Glyph 0xE001 not found, selecting one more font for (OSD, 80, 0)

and similar ones when anything else comes up on OSD,


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Re: MPlayer OSD glyphs missing.

Same problem here, with a custom mplayer2-git. It's a fontconfig bug by the looks of things, downgrading that package fixes things.

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Re: MPlayer OSD glyphs missing.


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