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Getting iriverter to work properly: A How-To

If you don't know what's this all about: iriverter is a frontend to mencoder to convert a lot of video formats to be playable on iRiver and iAudio multimedia players.
You can find it here:

Because I own a iRiver h320 and found out it's more than just a pain in the ass to get iriverter working properly on Arch, I decided to write a How-To. So here it is...

1.) To compile iriverter you need to install mplayer, swt and j2sdk via pacman, but thats only half the trick, because even with j2sdk and swt installed, ./configure complains about not having javac in $PATH (though it is) and after compiling and installing, it doesn't start because of a problem with I found the solution here. You have to adjust the paths, of course.

2.) After getting it installed and started, I found out that it doesn't encode. Just doing nothing. So I decided to compile mplayer from source (I used MPlayer-1.0pre7try2). Not via ABS and a PKGBUILD, I just unpacked the tarball in /usr/local/src and installed from there. You can blame me for that, but that's just the way I did it. When trying to compile mplayer, I found out that it isn't compatible with gcc4 ([nelson]Haha![/nelson]) but you can find a patch in this thread. I applied the patch and mplayer compiled and installed without a problem.

3.) Now you can encode your vids with iriverter. Have fun!


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