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Custom kernel, the easy/automated way?

Need: I would like to make a custom kernel on every computer that I am on. One kernel/computer.
Reason: I want every computer to be as fast as it can get.
How: I have no knowledge in building kernels, I have tried it once, but selecting which modules and stuff do I need, or do I not need, is a bit confusing (since I don't know what my hardware has and what the kernel offers).

Question: is there a way of building the kernel, so that it detects what do I have (hardware) currently in use, and build a kernel depending on that?

Thanks in advance, cheers!

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Re: Custom kernel, the easy/automated way?

In a nutshell, no. You really need to understand teh kernel options that are required, that you need, and that are dependant. The only way to learn is to start with a stock kernel config and weed the stuff out.

having said that, I always used to build my own kernel, but the arch build is lean enough with everything built as loadable modules, you are unlikely to improve much by yourself anyway. It's why I went back to stock.


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Re: Custom kernel, the easy/automated way?

I'm not sure if a custom kernel will improve the execution speed of whatever you're using on these computes.
If you don't know what you're doing, playing with custom kernels may not be risky.


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Re: Custom kernel, the easy/automated way?

I just started using the linux-lqx kernel from the AUR because my HDTV capture card was a bit jumpy in full screen mode. Very impressed with the improvement in speed with this kernel and would highly recommend it.

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Re: Custom kernel, the easy/automated way?

The place to start is thoroughly reading up on what the typical process is, the Arch Wiki has some good pages on two great methods;

* The traditional method

* Using the Arch Build System

First things first is establishing what modules your computer uses, as mentioned by karol, install modprobed_db and get that setup and running, as it'll make life a little easier on you.


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Re: Custom kernel, the easy/automated way?

I highly recommend a PKGBUILD.  You can use linux-ck in the AUR as a guide (disable the ck1 patchset if you want); it has many options like modprobed_db support built in... not that modprobed_db will not provide a faster kernel, just a lighter one.

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