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[Arch boot] Segmentation fault

Yesterday evening I shoot down my laptop by pressong the power button while he was preparing hibernation. Today morning, I get that screen: it can't boot properly anymore. I won't do that anymore, but right now it's very annoying. My data and laptop are precious for me, I need to study :-(
Who could help me?

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Re: [Arch boot] Segmentation fault

Firstly, boot a live cd/usb, and run an fsck on all the partitions.

Then copy the data to an external device.

Then try to boot again. In case the problem persists, post an update here.

PS: By the way, I can see a ghost on the screen tongue

Edit: Apparently, you are using btrfs (from the dump), and I don't think an fsck utility exists for it yet. I don't know how to fix a btrfs partition.

If your data is on a separate non-btrfs partition, first copy it to safe place then proceed with any experimentation.

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