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Qt theme to fit e17 dark (default)

I have searched and searched and searched and I just cant find a solution.
So I come, hat in hand, asking...

How do I make qt4 applications appear similar to e17 dark theme (default)?
GTK was easy, I just installed e-gtk-theme-0.17.0 from the official repos, but I can't find a solution for Qt4.

I took a shot with qtcurve which was suggested here: … plications
but that seems to be a dead end. (Maybe I'm wrong? This seems to want to change gtk to look like qt, which I don't want.)

I realize that this is a question more suitable to an e17 specific forum, but it seems so simple that it must be a newbie question.
I don't care about it being an exact match, but the default qt themes all look terrible against e17 dark.

I have also tried... … 17-solved/
but this didn't help much either.


(Enlightenment 17.2.1-1)

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