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Re: RAID 10 Array Broken

The problem machine has a Gigabyte P55-US3L motherboard, which uses the Intel H55 chipset according to [1]. Other specs, cpu: core i7, 3x SAMSUNG HD103SJ, sata cables seem to be the ones that came with the board plus some cheap one the store had around when they assembled the machine.

The disks are connected to the sata ports provided by the chipset as far as I can tell (connected to the blue ports in the image, lspci shows only one sata controller so I have probably disabled the addon one in the bios), a cdrom drive is also connected on the same controller. When I rotated the cables I think I have also changed the ports where the cables are connected (I can't remember well now, I did it sometime ago).

[1] … id=3502#sp



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