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Monitor connections on my box

I know that question isn't casual but is there a way I can monitor the connections that goes through my box ?
I'm not sure this is clear. A little example :
I have 3 computers at home :
1 Desktop PC connected via Ethernet
2 Laptops PCs connected via WiFi

I want to see what are the websites visited via my box. Is there a way I can do that ?
I know in theory that's not possible because the trafic should go first via my laptop before going to my box and therefore the other computers have to be connected to mine.

I'm not clear at all in my request. Sorry about that ^^"
PS : All these computers are running Arch.
Thanks anyway smile


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Re: Monitor connections on my box

idk but if your devices is connected to the same network install zenmap

pacman -S zenmap

run it as root
then scan whatever ip you want it should give you something like this … zenmap.png
and you can try EtherApe

pacman -S etherape … herape.png
and the good old iftop … ftop_1.png
Good Luck

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