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Arch booting or from Xen

A few days ago I attempted to get Xen 3.0.0 working as a hypervisor (Domain0) with arch.  I even generated an aur build for it, but I was never actually able to boot the xen kernel with arch.  I figured it was a glitch and decided it made more sense to use debian/sarge as a xen base, and I'd just chroot into arch later on for workstation use.

Well, it's a few days later and the problem seems more serious than I thought.  I've been able to get Xen working flawlessly with everything *but* Arch.  FYI: My current setup looks like this.

* Machine boots into Xen-3.0.0 (Linux running a very stripped down debian sarge.
* Xen then boots up a small Debian/Stable distribution running apache, mysql, bind9, syslog-ng, etc.(Linux
* Xen also boots up a small Gentoo domain.  (Linux
* I also have a RHEL domain available to play with. (Linux
* Finally, a chroot pivot is performed in Domain0 and Ubuntu Breezy with gdm is brought up.

In every single one of these domains, when I attempt to either boot into, or even chroot into, I get the following error message.

Inconsistency detected by ../sysdeps/generic/dl-sysdep.c: 464: _dl_important_hwcaps: Assertion `m == cnt' failed!

If it's a boot attempt, it kernel panics and halts.  If it's a chroot, it simply fails with the same error message.  The only thing that's common throughout every chroot and boot attempt I've made is the Xen Kernel itself.

Anybody have an idea what in the world is going on?  Should I file this as a bug in flyspray?

EDIT: 12/23/05.  I can't chroot into a "brand new" chroot installation either.  So this isn't something I'm doing, rather a bug with arch.


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