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usrc.d: A set of script for managing a user session.

I've been hacking the last two days on usrc.d, and would like to share it with those who may find it useful.
I'd also apreciate any feedback! wink

usrc.d is a set of script for managing a user session (and user-session daemons). It's heavily inspired on OpenBSD's rc.d subsystem (which is quite similar to Arch's old rc.d subsystem).

The goal of the proyect is to have a user-session rc.d to manage daemons (like offlineimap, sxhkd or your window manager).
My xinitrc is now basically dbus-launch usrc startup. usrc reads a list of services I want started up, and launches all of them.

Services can then be restarted and managed by running

usrc restart compiz
usrc stop offlineimap
usrc start volctld

I've had this in mind for plenty of months, and I finally took the time to get this started after systemd --user broke during the last update (v206), and nobody knew how to fix it.

I also care about this because I have a single non-linux laptop, and since systemd is linux-only, it meant having different user configurations on each computer; systemd in one, and a really hacky xinitrc on another.

So anyway, here's the official repo and there's algo an AUR package.

Feel free to send any feedback - even if you aren't using it, opinions are always useful to help this grow.

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