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[SOLVED] M-Audio Delta 1010LT sound card and an XLR Condenser Mic

I've just set up Ardour (and consequently Jack) to output to my speakers just fine, and I even plugged a guitar into some of this card's RCA connectors and it records just fine. However, I can't get my XLR mic to record, and I think it's because my system isn't recognizing the XLR inputs. In alsamixer as well as envy24control, I have 7 "DAC" inputs and 7 "ADC" inputs. When I look at the cables coming out of my PCI sound card, I see 7 red RCA connectors and 7 white ones. Since the DAC and ADC inputs matched up with the guitar-to-RCA test, I think I don't even have the XLR connectors in here. I'd love to test the mic itself, but I won't have a way to plug it into RCA until Monday.

EDIT: The issue was I had somehow never heard of phantom power.

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