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#1 2004-01-28 09:51:38

From: Tartu, Estonia
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Posts: 88 1.1.1a-2 unstable

Hi all,

I upgraded my to Arch's 1.1.1a-2, but some parts of it (e.g. Impress) are rather unstable and do not work properly. Would it be possible to downgrade it?



#2 2004-01-28 10:06:00

From: Germany
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Re: 1.1.1a-2 unstable

If you can find the package of the/a previous version, you can manually "upgrade" to an earlier version via
pacman -U <older-version>.pkg.tar.gz.

You can find an older version either in /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ if you never cleaned your cache :-) ... or you can try to dig through the arch mirrors. I just checked but could not find an older version - but maybe some mirrors don't delete old files or are behind.

Alternatively, you can build your own openoffice from ABS - but I could imagine that this could be rather painful .... and make sure you use the ABS files from early December - either via CVS or by browsing through … root=Extra


#3 2004-01-28 16:10:01

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Re: 1.1.1a-2 unstable


janwil wrote:

I upgraded my to Arch's 1.1.1a-2, but some parts of it (e.g. Impress) are rather unstable and do not work properly

just another opinion - I can confirm that, the new package also seems less
stable for me than the previous one. Writing long texts for university, it
seems to eat more memory. I also downgraded.

bye neri


#4 2004-01-28 16:29:21

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Re: 1.1.1a-2 unstable

well technically speaking there should be absolutely no difference between 1.1.1a-1 and 1.1.1a-2 as the only thing that changed in the build was adding the libart-lgpl depend which is merely a superficial change.

however if you mean downgrading to 1.1.1 then i ... well you are out of luck i think as it is a nightmare downgrading packages.

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