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Systemd can't mount my drives

Hello all,

I got back from vacation, and my computer wouldn't start.
It jumps into emergency mode, and after a while I realized that none of my drives were mounted.
Mounting them with `mount -a`, and jumping out of emergency mode results in a normal startup.

I'm attaching the output of `journalctl -xb` up to what I see in emergency mode.

Also my fstab:

# /dev/sda3 UUID=08a663c5-a6e4-41b8-b82a-78458f436619
/dev/sda3           	/         	ext4      	rw,relatime,data=ordered	0 1

# /dev/sda1 UUID=a147fe50-4c80-43d6-8863-7467ae5a187a
/dev/sda1           	/boot     	ext2      	rw,relatime,stripe=4	0 2

# /dev/sda4 UUID=f25163e6-0f42-4043-8f5e-1615ddc6a1f6
/dev/sda4           	/home     	ext4      	rw,relatime,data=ordered	0 2

# /dev/sda2 UUID=eb3baba3-b92a-4202-a05d-04daf5a428c8
/dev/sda2           	none      	swap      	defaults  	0 0

Maybe some of you have experienced a similar problem, or know what is going on?
What is going on?
How can it be fixed?

Thank you so much!


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