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[SOLVED] LVM physical volume not available during early boot

Note to self:

Of course it's not available - it's in an encrypted LVM container!



I'm trying to get myself a working hibernate but I'm stuck on resume hook not seeing my swap partition.

The swap partition is on an LVM logical volume (LV) which is on one physical volume PV created on a different harddrive than the root partition is. During the bootup I get something similar to "ERROR: hibernation partition '/dev/mapper/volgrp-swap' not found".

Further debugging gave out that for some reason the early userspace has no access to LVM physical volume. I managed to run a shell using break=premount boot parameter. From there I found out that "lvm pvscan" shows no physical volumes at all. I suspect that mkinitcpio does not give a damn about non-root harddrive though I was unable to confirm that and neither was I able to find any other reason for this behaviour.

Relevant lines from mkinitcpio.conf:

MODULES="dm_mod btrfs"
HOOKS="base udev block lvm2 autodetect keyboard encrypt resume filesystems fsck"

Any help would be appreciated, including any tips on where to get more debug data.



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What happened to Arch's KISS? systemd sure is stupid but I must have missed the simple part ...

... and who is general Failure and why is he reading my harddisk?


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