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#1 2005-12-22 14:16:15

From: Sunnyvale, CA
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Can't seem to use "menu" for network profiles?

No matter what files I have in /etc/network-profiles (even ones that seem to work) I can't use the "menu" option in the array in rc.conf.

On boot I always get "abnormal ret code from dialog: 127". Googling the phrase, the only hit I get is in the bash script itself, and it isn't particularly enlightening.

Anybody have any idea why that might be happening?


#2 2006-01-03 23:15:08

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Re: Can't seem to use "menu" for network profiles?

It's a missing dependency, I think. Try installing "dialog". Just a guess, but I remember seeing that installed as a dependency of something else and the profiles "menu" suddenly started working. It may have been something else.


#3 2006-01-03 23:55:22

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Re: Can't seem to use "menu" for network profiles?

I had a similar problem that turned out to be related to gpm and liblow.c

To get menu to work I had to uninstall gpm … m+profiles


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