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#1 2013-09-25 12:15:24

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Different boot time between two systems


In the first system i have installed arch linux before the change of systemd. It working like a charm , it has 6 sec boot time and while its booting it doesn't show all these [OK] Networkmanager ....blah blah .
In the other system that i have installed arch linux after the change of systemd (with a new iso) it more late at boot time 20+ sec and it shows all these [OK]s while booting.

Is there any way to make it boot faster and the second one?

Thank you.


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Re: Different boot time between two systems

We need more info.

With regard to booting speed, are the computers using the same hardware or e.g. one has an SSD and the other has an HDD?
Are they configured in the same way or .e.g one boots just to the tty with minimal services loaded and the other boots to a full-blown DE?
What's the output of 'system-analyze' and `systemd-analyze blame' for these systems?

If you don't have anything printed to the terminal during the boot, you probably have 'quiet' in the kernel command line. What's the output of 'cat /proc/cmdline'?


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