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Re: Poulsbo aka Intel GMA500 drivers PKGBUILD

Check the output of uname -a and of pacman -Qi linux and ensure that the kernel version you are running matches the version you have installed.

Edit: somehow, I missed the fact this is a 20 page thread hmm  I don't know that the previous post is on topic.  I suggest this new problem be broken out as a separate thread.

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Re: Poulsbo aka Intel GMA500 drivers PKGBUILD

No, I remembered to reboot after the kernel upgrade. I also have another crazy issue. After some suspends to ram (I think 2 consecutive), suspending no longer works and I can't even reboot/poweroff. Something wrong with the dbus/systemd I think. Maybe you're right, my issue deserves its own space.

Edit: Should this thread be moved to e.g. Kernel & Hardware since this is no longer a community contribution? And maybe remove the PKGBUILD reference in the title.

Edit2: webcam was failing cause I was not in video group...

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Re: Poulsbo aka Intel GMA500 drivers PKGBUILD

I am not sure if what you guys mean by „flickering” is the same what I experience:
The bottom part of the screen on random times (every 20s-40s or so) shifts right or left by couple of tens of pixels. This happens only at the VGA output (the laptop screen is not affected) and lasts for less than a second.

I am already using modesetting and fixed the acpi and the backlight issues. Also using the GIT xorg drivers for modesetting.
The problem occurs already at GRUB2 boot screen (and of course in X) and happens on each screen refresh (i.e. when I press UP and DOWN arrows to choose the kernel/OS to boot).

Any suggestions?

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