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Anyone using Upstart?

I noticed that there is a package for Upstart in AUR. Anyone using it? Looking for reviews on how it's working for you.

Hopefully this isn't a duplicate post, I searched the forums and wiki and didn't see anything current.

Oh, and not really interested in the debate about Upstart vs systemd, just looking for reviews of those that have used it within ArchLinux.


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Re: Anyone using Upstart?

I don't think I've ever heard of anyone using Upstart on ArchLinux.

That said, I know there are people using OpenRC (successor to initscripts) with ArchLinux though.

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Re: Anyone using Upstart?

I think the main problem will be getting the right scripts for all the services you use. There seems to be an upstart-initscripts AUR package which is out of date since 2010. In theory you should of course get upstart working on Arch if you put time into it. What you gain from that is questionable.

If you want another init deamon I'd also look into openRC, which seems to be better supported by the Arch Community.

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