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Updating Xen after filesystem change.


I have an older Xen-Server running and want to update it. Of course, with pacman -Syu I ran into the "filesystem: /bin exists in filesystem"-problem. Now I know I have to use
pacman -Qqo /bin /sbin /usr/sbin | pacman -Qm -
to find the packages that I have to fix manually.
Of course Xen is listed there, because its non-official. However, because the server is running on Xen, how can I fix that package without having to shutdown reinstall the whole thing manually?

For those that don't know Xen, it's basically a kernel that loads the actual Linux into a hypervisor (Dom0) from where the specific virtual guest-systems are launched. That means, my host-system always has Xen running underneath.
I am unsure about the process updating Xen so I better ask here before that server gets completely messed up.


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