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pcmcia issue

OK, this is going to very vague since I'm not at the lappy in question right now.  My thinkpad t42 now has arch on it - nearly everything works very well except pcmcia, which is behaving strangely.  As far as I can tell, all the normal pcmcia bus modules are being loaded fine.  Specifically at this point a 3com 56k modem card which has worked in everything since redhat 6.  I pop the card in, and a module is loaded for the card, the correct one AFAICT, but lshwd shows "module unknown."  There is also no serial module loaded.  I load serial_cs, and that get's added to the 3com cards mod list, but I cannot query any of my ttyS0 ports successfully.  The modules also do not unload when I remove the pcmcia card.  This is the first time I've used the new pcmcia stuff (non-pcmcia_cs) so I may be doing something boneheaded, but IME pcmcia has been more or less PnP.

I can post specifics later, but are there any basic pointers I need to follow?  My pcmcia zip drive didn't load properly either.

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