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Hotkeys in LXDE/XFWM4

Hello, I'm using rather unusual setup - LXDE and XFWM4. Recently something has been bugging me - I can't take screenshots using Print Screen key. I've checked both LXDE (which is basically Openbox config) and XFCE configs (at least those mentioned in wiki), but nothing seems to work besides shortcuts set in Windows menu in xfce4-settings-manager. There's no way to add custom one, though.
So here's my request - could you please help me to set a print screen hotkey? I'd like them to be "inside" LXDE or XFCE, but if there's any third-party daemon, I may use it as well.

I'd really appreciate your help.

BTW: I'm using xfce4-screenshooter to take screenshots, it works via terminal.


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Re: Hotkeys in LXDE/XFWM4

But I believe there is some way, how to manage your shortcuts. Maybe take a look here

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Re: Hotkeys in LXDE/XFWM4

Hmm, can you check xfce4-keyboard-settings and attempt to add a Print Screen + xfce4-screenshooter shortcut?


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Re: Hotkeys in LXDE/XFWM4

xfce handles custom shortcuts with its settings-daemon I think. If you don't run it, then you need another daemon. I don't know how LXDE handles it.
By the way, why are you mixing LXDE and XFCE? I don't see a very big difference between those environments when you use the same window manager and it is easier to use xfwm with xfce.

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