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Mysterious Segmentation fault when not logged in per SSH

I have an mysterious case.

I have 2 pieces of software which give me an Segmentation Fault when starting them

- Intel Fortran Compiler (ifort)
- MSC Mentat (FE-Software)

Now the mysterious thing.

The Segmentation fault does not appear if i login per ssh

for example

# ifort
Segmentation fault
# ssh localhost
# ifort
ifort: command line error: no files specified; for help type "ifort -help"

I tried the following things:

- Creating a new User --> Doesnt change anything
- Check system variables --> same on SSH and local machine.

Is there any known issue which can cause segmentation fault if a application is not run inside an SSH session?

Never heard of that and im 100% sure it worked in the past. Im not sure since when it does no longer work, but i guess since about 1-2 Months.


After an "downgrade" to linux-lts (which is not a solution in this case, sadly), it seems to work

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Re: Mysterious Segmentation fault when not logged in per SSH

That is unusual.   I've no solutions, but I would try a few things.

For starters, what if you use a different shell (zsh instead of bash ; or vice versa)
Are you using the same shell in both modes?
Are you in the same directory in both modes?
Are you really running the command as root? What if you try it as a user?
I would compare the environmental variables in the two environments.  The terminal type comes to mind (for no good reason)
What if you run it under gdb?  Does it still segfault?  Perhaps gdb will provide a clue as to the underlying issue.
What if you run it under strace?

Again, I don't have a plan here, just trying to gather some more data points.

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