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#1 2004-02-03 23:38:21

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need nvnet for Ftp install?

Greetings, I'm attempting to install arch via the ftp method but the mother board i have has an nforce2 chipset (and a intel gigabit lan) onboard, neither of which appear to have modules on the mods disk. some searching these forums it seems that the "fix" is to install arch from cd, then aquire and compile the net drivers.. this is not possible for my current situation, so I'm wondering if i've missed something.  Thanks.


#2 2004-02-04 09:00:02

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Re: need nvnet for Ftp install?

hmmmm ... you may indeed be in a bad situation ... You could
- try the floppys anyways and just find out yourself if your network cards are not supproted.
- order a CD from some place, there are links on the Arch-main page and in this forum - unless the reason you can't install from CD is that you don't have a CD-drive ;-)
- wait until 0.6 is released and hope that your cards are supported - but you should enter an official request in the bugtracker for the most popular NIC
- buy one of these extremely cheap Realtek cards which you can find for around $5 or 5Euro.

None of these solutions are really great, I know, but worth considering.


#3 2004-02-04 15:49:30

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Re: need nvnet for Ftp install?

I heard of someone using the nforce drivers from incoming and my arch-jc cd to do an ftp install on his machine.

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#4 2004-03-23 11:29:58

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Re: need nvnet for Ftp install?

Yes, I did use the incoming nforce drivers with Xentac's iso...that was months ago.  I believe you should be using the forcedeth module...I haven't tried it though.  I think I will though.

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