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Button to mark as worked

Would be nice if there was a button that would allow people to mark a specific post as the post that had the information that fixed their problem. So that others that came across the thread would be able to see which suggestion fixed other peoples problem most of the time. Without people having to bump the thread just to say that something worked for them.

Not sure if this is would be useful or if it has been suggested before but just a thought.


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Re: Button to mark as worked

Do you mean something like the one used on e.g. stackoverflow?
Arch Linux doens't patch packages and doesn't patch the forum or wiki software either. FluxBB doesn't have such a button, so you have to suggest it upstream first.


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Re: Button to mark as worked

In the mean time, you could encourage people to add a link to the solving post to the first post. e.g. … 9#p1362429

Personally, I think the journey is often more valuable than the answer. People learn to debug the problem and understand why it happened, and how it can be solved. Any idiot can copy and paste terminal commands and have their problems miraculously solved, but biggest problem is their own laziness and unwillingness to learn.

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