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Re: Kernel IO schedulers: noop works better... why?

graysky wrote:

@unikum - yeah, but need to use iozone not hdparm...

EDIT:  I started a new thread so as not to contaminate this one with technical aspects of iozone.  Feel free to join the discussion, see results of the three schedulers, etc.

nice, i had thought about opening a new thread too, at one point but it obviously slipped my mind when posting.

i'm going to get iozone's extra stuff like the 3dplot running later today ~ i just have a few things to do first.



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Re: Kernel IO schedulers: noop works better... why?

Maybe it's possible to see a bigger difference using a mechanical disk. So what are the conclusions here?

That noop leaves the disk to schedule its IO. cfq and deadline offset IO scheduling to the CPU.

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Re: Kernel IO schedulers: noop works better... why?

I do not think this thread is still viable.  It is more than two years old and much has changed in the kernel over that time.

Closing. … Bumping.22

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