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#1 2003-01-03 15:38:43

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More problems with gnome?

I'm sorry I'm such a pain, but I keep running into new stuff when I reinstall.  Today, when gnome starts up I'm getting a series of error messages.
First: "Could not look up internet address for t1065.  This will prevent GNOME from operating correctly.  It may be possible to correct the problem by adding t10654 to the file /etc/hosts."  I've never had to have my machine in the hosts file before. 

I click log in anyway and gnome comes up.  It seems like everything is working but I haven't tested it too much.

Later when I try to add a clock to my panel I get a different error:
"There was a problem loading applet 'OAFIID: GNOME_ClockApplet'

Details: g_module_open of '/opt/gnome/lib/' failed with '/opt/gnome/lib/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory'"



#2 2003-01-03 16:52:53

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Re: More problems with gnome?

just add the machine to /etc/hosts. Gnome tends to behave weird when it can't lookup your hostname


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