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Getting rpm or deb driver for Canon PIXMA MX922 to AUR?

This device has almost 900 ratings on amazon, so I thought linux support would be easy, but it appears more complicated than I expected.

I've gotten my Canon PIXMA MX922 device (combined printer, scanner, etc.) to print via Google Cloud Print, but the drivers (and it appears software) for the scanner are available only in rpm or deb.  I tried to use dkpg, but it fails because it doesn't find the libraries it wants.  I also tried to make my own PKGBUILD and use it with pacman to install, but despite reading many posts where people talk about this as being "simple," I can't figure out how to do it for these files.

I suppose I have two main options:
(1) Do my own work-around, which I'm not sure how to do, but I gather involves some way of installing the files directly without pacman and also figuring out which additional files I'll need (also not sure how to do this).

(2) Help someone prepare the rpm or deb for arch's AUR.  I like this idea better because I'll learn something about AUR in the process and future users won't have the headache.

Anyone who would like to help (with 1 or 2, though 2 seems nicer)?

The drivers and software ("scangear" which canon generally does very well) are available from the canon asia and europe sites, but not the u.s. site (while I have the 922, I'm told the 900 series drivers are generally the same and work): … _rtr_alt_3
Asia for MX927 ("MX920 series drivers"): … g_os=Linux
Europe for MX924 ("MX920 series drivers"): … oad&page=1

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Re: Getting rpm or deb driver for Canon PIXMA MX922 to AUR?

I am going to go ahead and move this to AUR issues, Discussion and BKGBUILD requests.   Mostly because the right people might find it there.

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Re: Getting rpm or deb driver for Canon PIXMA MX922 to AUR?

There's a ton of Pixma drivers in the AUR already - have you tried using any (or all) of them for guidance and inspiration?


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Re: Getting rpm or deb driver for Canon PIXMA MX922 to AUR?

You should compile your own driver with the source packages:
IJ Printer Driver Ver. 3.90 for Linux (Source file)
ScanGear MP Ver. 2.10 for Linux (Source file)
Maybe you can use the aur package lib32-cnijfilter320 as a template. (You might want to try and eliminate multilib and compile directly as 64bit if possible)

Edit: For the scanner you might also want to try the sane drivers.
       The following models may use the same Pixma protocol  as  those  listed
       above,  but  have  not  yet  been  reported  to work (or not). They are
       declared in the backend so that  they  get  recognized  and  activated.
       Feedback in the sane-devel mailing list welcome.
[..] , MX920, [..]

Edit2: The quick'n'dirty debian2pacman package is available as cnijfilter-mx920series in the AUR
Edit3: The source driver is available as cnijfilter-mx520. Just adjust _name and _id for mx920 and you are good to go.

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