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Creating User Defined Package Groups

Hi everyone!

I'm currently exploring/experimenting with strategies to stabilize parts of the Arch system on machines which I plan do update less frequently (I am aware of the risks and the potential difficulties associated with infrequent updates; that's why this is an experiment). It seems to me that Package Groups would be an asset which could be leveraged for a few different strategies. However, I cannot find any documentation on creating user defined package groups. Is there a way to do this? Any documentation anyone could point me to would be awesome. Thanks!


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Re: Creating User Defined Package Groups

You can compile the package yourself or change just the metadata. I think xyne had a tool for that, if only I could remember the name ...

Edit: It's repkg

Edit 2: What do you need package groups for anyway? You should update the whole system rather than individual packages / groups of packages.

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