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Install older packages side by side


I just got my fresh laptop from the university I work at. We're free to do anything with the hardware, but using Ubuntu is encouraged. Still I think I will dump the preinstalled OS and go with Arch/KDE, like on my Desktop and own laptop. Main problems with leaving the mainstream will probably be compatibility issues due to different versions of applications. What are possible ways to cope with that?

Installing Ubuntu in a virtual machine will work but I consider that rather overacted.

Is there a way to get old Arch binary packages?  I think the Arch Rollback Machine will be the way to go.

How can I install and manage them side-by-side with my system? I don't want downgrading, rather something like installing the old packages in /opt/old and swith them on/off by modifying PATH/LD_CONFIG_PATH/whatever.

What about dependencies? Installing all old-package deps will end me up with two Arch systems on my harddisk...

I still hope that it won't be necessary but I like to discuss my options...

Kind Regards....


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Re: Install older packages side by side

There is a new Arch Rollback Machine but it only goes back to about August of 2013.  But if Ubuntu is encouraged and no specific version is mentioned, I would imagine that you would be okay for the time being.  There is a new version of Ubuntu which should be coming out this month and the package freeze was apparently just a couple days ago.  So the version shouldn't be too far off.

Otherwise, you could just install Ubuntu in a chroot.  You could even use something like LXC or even just systemd-nspawn to make it an actual "booted" machine as well.

Installing different version of packages would require quite a bit of work and probably a lot of maintenance.  I would say that while it should be possible it is probably not worth the effort.


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Re: Install older packages side by side

What applications? Be specific. Or are you trying to fix an "issue" that doesn't exist yet? Maybe Arch Linux will work out for you as-is. smile


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