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[SOLVED] Package Search Word Order

I've been confused on how to best search for a package on the web-interface search feature for It's been a problem I've had for a while but am finally asking about it (couldn't find anyone else that had already dealt with it here).

I want to find packages that are related to perl and pdf.

So I go to the site and do a search.
I put in:

 perl pdf 

And I get one result.
Then I put in:

  pdf perl 

And I get zero results.
I also try:

 pdf AND perl

Nothing there either.

Basically, I want to be able to search for all packages that have two words in them. How can I be confident that I will get a match no matter the order of the words?

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Re: [SOLVED] Package Search Word Order

What is the one result you get with "perl pdf"?  I don't get any results with any of your search strings.  I also don't  get any packages in the repo that match both terms by searching with pacman.

EDIT: oops sorry, I missed this was AUR, not repos.

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Re: [SOLVED] Package Search Word Order

It's "perl-cam-pdf" in the AUR.

I don't know, I've only ever searched for a single word (like "perl") then either done a find-in-page in a web browser or a grep from the command line for any other terms (like "pdf"). hmm


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Re: [SOLVED] Package Search Word Order

Yea, I found the actual package I was looking for by guessing that stuff. But there are over 2000 results for just "perl", which makes it unnecessarily difficult.

Hoping someone has figured out how to search properly.

... Or maybe we should be asking the site administrator to allow for this.


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Re: [SOLVED] Package Search Word Order

I think the easiest way would be to use an AUR helper or maybe use RPC API … 02729.html


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Re: [SOLVED] Package Search Word Order

karol wrote:

I think the easiest way would be to use an AUR helper...

I've just tried this wiith yaourt and I get 13 hits (argument order doesn't make a difference either).

$ yaourt perl pdf
1 aur/chm-to-pdf 0.01-1 (3)
    A simple Perl script to convert CHM files to PDF (based on wkhtmltopdf)
2 aur/chm-to-pdf-fr 0.01-1 (2)
    A simple Perl script that converts CHM files into PDF files (based on wkhtmltopdf and 
3 aur/fig2ps 1.5-3 (8)
    Perl script designed to convert Xfig files to postscript or PDF files, text is 
    processed using LaTeX
4 aur/pdfcrop 1.38-1 (16)
    A Perl script that can crop PDF files.
5 aur/perl-cam-pdf 1.60-1 (2)
    Perl PDF manipulation library
6 aur/perl-pdf-api2 2.020-1 (96)
    A module chain to faciliate the creation and modification of high-quality PDF files
7 aur/perl-pdf-api2-simple 1.1.4u-1 (3)
    Simplistic wrapper for the excellent PDF::API2 modules
8 aur/perl-pdf-create 1.06-1 (2)
    CPAN module to create PDF documents
9 aur/perl-pdf-labels 1.8-1 (0)
    CPAN module to produce formatted pages of mailing labels in PDF
10 aur/perl-pdf-reuse 0.35-3 (4)
    Reuse and mass produce PDF documents
11 aur/perl-pdf-reuse-barcode 0.06-1 (3)
    Create barcodes for PDF documents with PDF::Reuse
12 aur/perl-pdf-table 0.9.5-1 (4)
    A utility class for building table layouts in a PDF::API2 object
13 aur/perl-text-pdf 0.29a-1 (5)
    Module for manipulating PDF files

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Re: [SOLVED] Package Search Word Order

$ cower -sq perl -s pdf | grep perl | grep pdf

If you know for sure that the name starts with 'perl' and ends with 'pdf':

$ cower -sq perl -s pdf | grep ^perl | grep pdf$

Edit: I couldn't figure out why it didn't work like this:

grep '^perl*pdf$'

It's because I forgot the dot in front of '*' ;P

$ cower -sq ^perl.*pdf$

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Re: [SOLVED] Package Search Word Order

Looks like the consensus is that the web search engine is faulty and one must use an AUR helper, an additional utility. They are good workarounds. And I should probably be using that instead anyway.

Thank you everyone.


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