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#1 2006-02-16 21:52:11

From: B-town USA
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SATA controller recommendation?

I have a server running kernel and I want to install a SATA drive.  I've pretty much decided on a WD Raptor for the hard drive, but need a recommendation for the controller.

I'm looking for a basic two-port model, and I probably won't be using RAID.  I want to run Arch from an IDE drive, and have data and apps on the SATA drive.

From searching through the forum, it would seem that any card with the SIL 3112A chipset would work with Arch, no?

I'm also considering the Adaptec 1210SA, which shows support for RedHat and SuSE, at least.

If it's pertinent, this is a dual-CPU mobo with the Via Apollo chipset.

Thanks much for any help.


#2 2006-02-17 06:03:29

From: Bucharest, Romania
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Re: SATA controller recommendation?

Hmm... I think it doesn't matter if it works with Arch, as long as it is supported by the kernel.

In the worst case scenario, the controller's chipset might be supported in the kernel, but not enabled (forgotten most likely) in the Arch kernel build.

(my non-experienced-SATA-controller-opinion)


#3 2006-02-18 01:41:04

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Re: SATA controller recommendation?

i say yes it will work all required info would be built into kernel
after looking myself yes redhat 7.3  suse 8.0 are supported & these distros are old
if support is not in kernel you could load it through initrd.img

although i myself would run arch on the new raptor drive as it spins 10000 rpm you will see a slight increase on performance i have arch on a scsi drive spinning 10000 it does make a diffrence although im not familiar with sata (yet) i like my scsi drives not only do i get the gain from speed of spin i also have less resources being used as scsi only needs 1 irq for all devices


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