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Re: Linux kernel bloated?

Okay if one must nitpick then even on a computer with only 20 gigs of space would be okay with a large sized kernel, if I were that concerned for space the kernel would be the least of my worries and hell if one must complain about the size of the kernel may i remind you that even 80MB is minuscule for a kernel compared to the one windows uses.
Now if one is worried about bloat if it comes to memory again the kernel is the least of your concern.
Now if one is worried about download sizes and how much bandwidth it will take then I can see the rationale, but again in the grand scheme of things the size of the kernel is nothing compared to the size of some apps.
Or about fitting it onto a CD, fine I can see concern if your computer is limited to CD's and cant use USB's.
But these days everything has bloat, even a barebones kernel can still take up room if its not packaged correctly.
But the kernel is in the end the least of your worries, I would be more concerned if it was a file browser or something.

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