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License of the virtualbox guest addition iso, GPLv2 or PUEL?

The guest addition iso (to intall the guest addition in a guest OS running on host archlinux). is provided by a package: virtualbox-guest-iso. The package says it is covered by the proprietary PUEL license and we have a warning at the installation. The iso coming from has indeed a license file with these terms. However the guest additions iso is also bundled in the binary distribution of VirtulaBox covered by the GPLv2 and this last iso does not have a license file, only the whole binary that says it is GPLv2. I do not know if there any any difference between the two apart from the license file nor if the source code of this iso is available. I have asked the question on a VirtualBox forum but received no answer. It seems that it should be better to take the iso file from the binary VirtualBox to make the package so that we would have a GPLv2 package. Note that the iso guest file is part of the binary VirtulaBox under the GPLv2, not the extension pack (which is PUEL).

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