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#1 2014-10-29 06:11:23

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caffeine-ng: Temporarily disable screensaver/sleeping with a click

It simply puts an icon in your system tray: when you click it, the screensaver and sleeping will be disabled. Click it again, and it's all back to normal.


caffeine-ng will also detect fullscreen applications, and disable the screensaver while they run. This is ideal for stuff like youtube, or some player/game that does not disable the screensaver (or wine games!).

caffeine-ng is a fork of the old caffeine app. caffeine dropped support for the system tray icon and most it's features, so this fork aims to keep it alive, and expand it (though avoiding feature creep!).

AUR Package:

I hope this is as useful to others as it's been to me - I know there's a lot of users of the old caffeine that'll love this!


#2 2015-09-05 21:02:42

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Re: caffeine-ng: Temporarily disable screensaver/sleeping with a click

Hi Hobarrera, great work on this fork.  I remember last year you were working on the full screen detect.  Glad to see you got it added.  However, is there something specific I must do to enable this autodetect feature?  Using firefox + html5 for youtube full screen.  I just realized this isn't using flash so I guess the whitelist plugin-container% doesn't apply.  Any advice greatly appreciated as always.  Thank you.

edit: Only thing I can find is:
launchpad issue fixed in 2.6

edit: I thought to try out caffeine-ng-git and still no auto inhibitor.

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