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#1 2004-02-15 14:26:24

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Anyone working on mono?

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#2 2004-02-15 17:30:05

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Re: Anyone working on mono?

There's already an outdated package in the TURs.  In another thread I said I'd look at it sometime soon.

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#3 2004-02-16 12:08:01

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Re: Anyone working on mono?


In case you need it very soon you can use this:
A while ago I posted the following packages to incoming - they worked for me:

mono-0.30.tar.gz  -- the mono runtime and mcs c# compiler
mod_mono -- the apache module to connect apache with xsp (allows ASP)
xsp  --  A simple Webserver for asp-net
gtk-sharp  -- gtk wrapper for c# apps
libgda  --  a data abstraction layer (neede by gtk#)
monodoc -- a gtk# based browser for the mono documentation (docs included)

Otherwise wait until Xentac review all that mono stuff which currently lies
in incoming and put it to any repo as he wrote in another thread.

bye neri


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