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#1 2004-02-13 19:11:56

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packages from CVS?

Hi guys,

i have one quick question. i am new to Arch, so please excuse me if that was already asked.

Is it possible to make packages from CVS?

thanks for the help, Shemeta


#2 2004-02-13 19:57:42

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Re: packages from CVS?

yes it is the only package that i can think of at the moment that uses cvs to build is openal (and that is only because that is the only way it is offered)

any existing PKGBUILD can be adjusted to use cvs ... though it may take more than just adding the cvs commands to the build.

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#3 2004-02-16 01:00:40

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Re: packages from CVS?


Yes, as a matter of fact the latest version of reiserfsprongs we have is causing some trouble - a bug, apparently, that the package creator has been advised about. I tried to run reiserfsck --check /dev/xxx in single user mode doing routine maintenance this afternoon and couldn't. For the time being, therefore, I decided to downgrade one version so copied the CVS package for the earlier version to the existing PKGBUILD in /var/abs/base/reiserfsprogs, changed to that directory, ran makepkg -bci and voila. Now I should tell you that this practice might not work every time because urls for source code change on occasion or for perhaps other reasons. Today, however, that was not a problem and I was able to run file system checks on my network. Having CVS was a lifesaver today.



#4 2004-02-16 02:23:35

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Re: packages from CVS?

Could get it also from the official site (, following some links brings you to:


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