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[SOLVED] hidpi in wine

Hey all,

I have a high (216) dpi screen, and certain windows applications (like LTSpice) that I run through wine. However, they appear VERY small on screen as do all wine windows. Is there any way of configuring wine to increase dpi (or window scale, for that matter)?

Now I feel silly. In the graphics tab in winecfg, you can set the dpi. So there you have it. The icons are still small, but text is large enough to get by.

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Re: [SOLVED] hidpi in wine

I don't think this is a silly question and I don't see it solved:

In my case, wine apps don't look really good when I set 210 dpi for my HiDPI screen in winecfg:

1. the setting seems to affect only on some of the graphic elements of a wine application: For instance, the menu bar is unaffected in my case, which looks really ugly having the text on the menu bar half as large as the rest of the text, e.g. on buttons.

2. If you connect an external monitor or occasionally want to switch to another screen with non-HiDPI resolution, this is not an elegant way as you have to return to winecfg each time to adjust the DPI. Wine should follow the X-server DPI setting, but this doesn't seem to happen at the moment.

There's a lot of work to do I guess, it's not solved.


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Re: [SOLVED] hidpi in wine

I'll post my solution for other people that come by. You can accomplish this by running X inside X, and then connecting to it over VNC.

First I start an X that is about 1/2 the size of a full screen window on my machine:

Xephyr -once -screen 1594x876 :1

Then I share it over VNC, but scale it to 2x:

x11vnc -localhost -display :1 -scale 2:nb -repeat

Then I start the program on that display:

DISPLAY=:1 wine  ...

and finally I connect to it with VNC:

vncviewer localhost

For really old games (like You Don't Know Jack) you can adjust the values to get a 3x zoom.


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