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#1 2012-08-23 01:03:12

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Arch on touch devices

Hello all

Who else has tryed installing archlinux on a touch device (Tablet)?
Any success storys out there.

I owne a view sonic touch pad 10, I've tested it out with Ubuntu (witch was to heavy for my device), archlinux (run smoothly and very fast ) my problem with archlinux and a touch device was the desktop environments weren't touch friendly and the virtual keyboards suck.

But I would like to hear about your storys.


#2 2012-08-23 09:14:23

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Re: Arch on touch devices

Acer Iconia Tab W501 here.

Running Xfce with a modified gtk theme to make widgets suitable for touch.
Easystroke for touch gestures.
Lightdm with the lightdm-gtk-greeter-osk greeter package (supports on-screen keyboard in DM)
Mousetweaks to enable right click triggered by long left click.
Onboard on-screen keyboard (with at-spi2 packages auto show/hide works when editable widgets are selected)
OrientX (my own custom package - still need to add to AUR - package can be found here for screen rotation with an accelerometer.

Also using libavg and kivy for multitouch - multitouch apps still need to be written, but a handful of multitouch games are available.

Works a treat, just having some issues with xf86-input-evdev-2.7.3, working through a bug report with xorg, so stick to xf86-input-evdev-2.72 for now.



#3 2012-08-23 19:07:34

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Re: Arch on touch devices

Well, I tried but wasnt succesfull... Take a look at KDE Plasma Active though... It might be just what you are looking for, a touch-friendly interface for Linux...


#4 2012-08-26 20:09:24

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Re: Arch on touch devices

I'm actively using Arch on an old HP TC1100. I went with Xfce, CellWriter, Midori, EasyStroke, and tons of tweaks. Getting CellWriter to appear within KDM and the screensaver was fun. I had to settle with gnome-screensaver and arcane configuration for the latter.

I made some packages to help during a reinstall if you need inspiration:


#5 2012-08-27 01:04:08

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Re: Arch on touch devices

Was able to install the xf86-input-* drivers for wacom and other serial input devices (light pen), and using xvkbd.  At the xdm/kdm/gdm screen and then again in the DE/WM.

I may have to CONSOLE you about your usage of ridiculously easy graphical interfaces...
Look ma, no mouse.


#6 2015-04-11 20:04:19

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Re: Arch on touch devices

I know this is a very old thread, but maybe you're still the right people to ask. Since you mention on-screen keyboard support in lightdm: I tried to get "onboard" to work with the lightdm-gtk-greeter. It does show the on-screen keyboard alright in the login screen, but keystrokes do not seem to get through to the password entry field. Do you know how to get it to work correctly?


#7 2015-04-11 20:08:26

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Re: Arch on touch devices

If you know it is a very old thread, why bump it? … bumping.22


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