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Virtual-Audio-Cable for Arch linux

Hello guys,

I'm quiet new to Arch-Linux and I love Arch-Linux (even if I sometimes hate it big_smile).

I wont to have and virtual audio-device where I can put some Out-Put of any program (for examble VLC) to an input device like a Microphone used by any application for example Teamspeak.

In Windows I have the program Virtual-Audio-Cable for this and I already read that pulse-audio should serve this functionality, but when I install pulse-audio I don't get this sound-redirecting to work and I get Bugs like my music is stopping when I start Teamspeak or any application with sound output.
So I wan't to have it (if possible) without using pulseaudio (I already removed it from my system).

I'm thankful for any hints.

Sincerely Basti

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Re: Virtual-Audio-Cable for Arch linux

If I remember correctly JACK can to do this. But I only used it once and not on arch so I can't help you with that.

I put at button on it. Yes. I wish to press it, but I'm not sure what will happen if I do.  (Gune | Titan A.E.)


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Thorsten Reinbold
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Re: Virtual-Audio-Cable for Arch linux

I guess you can do this after installing pavucontrol (Pulse Audio Volume Control).

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Re: Virtual-Audio-Cable for Arch linux

You can pipe audio through a FIFO.

I may have to CONSOLE you about your usage of ridiculously easy graphical interfaces...
Look ma, no mouse.


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Re: Virtual-Audio-Cable for Arch linux

You should prefer pulseaudio with pavucontrol as someone already mentioned. However, it may not work to your liking especially if you need complex routing.

Jack is certainly the de facto solution for advanced audio routing on Linux. Qjackctl provides a graphical control panel, exposes connections, and allows automatic connections through a virtual patchbay. However, for non-jack-aware apps, you need to use the alsa plugin. [1]


I need real, proper pen and paper for this.


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Re: Virtual-Audio-Cable for Arch linux

pulseaudio comes with the module module-virtual-source. You can load it with pacmd and then use it like a virtual audio cable in pavucontrol.

pacmd load-module module-virtual-source source_name=loop_source uplink_sink=loop_sink

Then send sound to loop_sink and record from loop_source.
Edit: If you want to listen and record at the same time, then you should be able to use module-virtual-sink I think and record from the monitor channel for the virtual sink.

http://pulseaudio-discuss.freedesktop.n … ce-modules

With pure alsa it should be possible with the aloop driver.
Otherwise you'll have to learn JACK.

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