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#1 2015-05-13 10:54:22

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Firefox sync broken.


For a couple of days (or even weeks) now, I'm unable to sync my bookmarks and tabs via Firefox Sync. I even updated all my machines to the latest firefox package.

about:sync-log gives errors like "Could not authenticate", "NS_ERROR_NET_RESET", "NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE" and others. See the full output..

Things I tried, but with no luck:

  • I deleted/reset my account several times.

  • I created a new account with a different e-mail-address.

  • I took a password with only alphanumeric characters.

It worked once even between my laptop and my mobile.

Firefox Status Page tells my everything is operating normally.

Any ideas on this?


#2 2015-05-13 22:02:57

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Re: Firefox sync broken.

From the error message it looks like the certificate is somehow bad. I would recommend blowing away your firefox directory and letting it get recreated. I can't remember if it's .mozilla or .firefox in your home directory and I'm not on a system where I can check at the moment.

It would also help to know if you're behind a proxy.


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