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Website -- A bettery monitor with alert

In case anyone wants a fancier base to build on, I got carried away while helping someone write something along these lines for their Cinnamon desktop and produced a little Python app which uses UPower and a GLib mainloop to react immediately to charger plug/unplug events.

It doesn't implement the low/critical distinction, but that could be added in two or three lines and the code's clean and commented with novices in mind.

(And I apologize for the thread necromancy. This thread has a non-trivial Google presence so I thought it was worthwhile.)

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Re: -- A bettery monitor with alert

thank you for this - indeed it's an old thread - but yes, this is still the top result on google - so thank you


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Re: -- A bettery monitor with alert

Could have posted in Community Contributions instead of raising the dead - for the second time.

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Re: -- A bettery monitor with alert

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