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Troubleshooting modules and ram swap share

   I have a laptop running both arch stock kernel and archck kernel. Most of the time, it works fine, but occasionally, it freezes under workload, which i don't seem it to be too heavy, it happen more often in kde, therefore i am using gnome.
   There is two issues that concerns me the most. i wish any one of  you can help. first is how do i check that i have the right modules loaded for all devices ? i know it somehow involve the hwdetect --show-modules, lsmod, lspci, lshwd,and dmesg commands. But where do i start? i mean i can type this and get the results, but how do i know which module is for which device(not pci to usb, but like more specific).
    That is the first problem i need to make sure nothing is wrong before going further, Second is sometimes when i load many application, the memories start to go from the ram to the swap, trying to keep only using half of my ram, and it causes loss of response. I can understand why that cause the loss of responsiveness, but is there anyway to tweak this around, It was under archck.


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