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setpci command during systemd-boot to enable proprietary nvidia driver

Hey everyone!

I just installed Arch again on my Macbook Pro 7,1 (mid2010).

I use systemd-boot do boot arch in efi mode right from the apple firmware without refind / refit. There are no other OSs installed.
However I would like to use the proprietary nvidia driver due to obvious reasons but it seems impossible on the macbook booting in efi mode, unless one issues an setpci command:

 ~$ sudo setpci -s "00:17.0" 3e.b
 ~$ sudo setpci -s "04:00.0" 04.b

The post that is linked to the macbook 7,1 wiki article does this with a grub entry: /etc/grub.d/01_enable_vga.conf

Is there a possibility to issue these commands during the systemd-boot process?


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