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#1 2006-02-14 20:12:16

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Burning APE-encoded (lossless) Audio CDs...?

I was wondering about how can I burn APE-encoded files to an audio CD..?
This album I have is encoded in the form that every song has the .ape extension. From what I understood, there is also a form in which the whole album gets the .ape extension and there is a .cue file attached.. so I would be glad to hear about both.


#2 2006-04-13 15:01:23

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Re: Burning APE-encoded (lossless) Audio CDs...?

I couldn't get them to either play or burn in the brief test I did, but I found this link through Google. I know converting isn't the best solution, especially when dealing with lossless formats, but it might be the only option. There's a codec package for ape files called "mac" in the community package repository which I think is the application used to convert ape files to wav's in the guide.


#3 2006-04-13 16:33:28

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Re: Burning APE-encoded (lossless) Audio CDs...?

Convering isn't the best solution when dealing with LOSSY formats. No problem for lossless formats (since it is lossless you don't loose anything).

So convert from APE to WAV and then burn it to your CD audio, you won't loose any quality.


#4 2006-04-13 17:21:00

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Re: Burning APE-encoded (lossless) Audio CDs...?

I did the mistake of choosing Monkey's Audio as my lossless format instead of FLAC, so I have some experience with this.

In the case of separate files for each track, just decode and burn them as usual (the process is of course lossless). Monkey's Audio is available for Linux now, see the package mac in community.

In the case of single files for each disc (which is the way i stored my entire collection):
First decode the audio (mac image.ape image.wav -d).
Edit the cue-file, and make it reference the wav-file instead of the ape-file.
Use a tool like cue2toc (it is in the AUR) to convert the contents of the cue-file to TOC (cue2toc image.cue > image.toc).
Now you will be able to burn it with cdrdao (cdrdao write --device /dev/hdc image.toc).


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